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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  October 28, 2016 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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♪ >> live look at the new york skyline. cold out there today and dark outside. i love when they play this song because it's here. >> i am abby huntsman. >> i am heather childers. >> thank you for starting your day with us and ending your week. you saw the rainy skies in new york city. a plane carrying vice presidential nominee mike pence skid right off a rain soaked
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runway. >> we have exclusive video inside the plane. >> moments after the jet came screeching to a halt. >> the campaign airplane skidded off the runway tearing off concrete and grass in new york. it came feet from a buds zee highway as it slid off the tarmac. dan gallo was on board shooting this video inside. he described the landing as the craziest he has ever experienced. >> we have had a lot of rainshower landings. tonight when we hit the ground it felt like we weren't slowing down and it felt like the brakes were really jammed on the whole
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time the whole distance of the runway. >> the plane was stopped by special concrete something called a rester bed that is supposed to fall apart when the plane runs into it. emergency crews on the scene in less than a minute evacuating those on board including pence's wife and daughter. luckily no one was hurt. >> i just spoke to our future vice president. he was in an accident with a plane. pretty close to grave, grave danger. i spoke to mike pence, he wis fine. >> he missed an event but arrived safely at his hotel. tweeted
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investigators say the incident is under investigation. but there is heavy rain in new york tonight>> our producer on the plane said the -- >> he was on the plane and there was a live shot from outside of the plane and he heard the emergency vehicle coming and britt had to tell him what was happening outside the plane. a oo you don't want to police governor mike pence. he's on 8:30 eastern on the kirby couch and will no doubt talk about this scary experience. >> donald trump crisscrossing key battle ground states today after saying the elections should just be canceled all together and given to him. while hillary clinton draws her biggest crowd yet all thanks to michelle obama. garrett tiny live in washington following the latest details of the candidates. good morning, garrett. >> good morning to you.
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with less than two weeks until election day there is no time to waste. donald trump continuing a nonstop campaign schedule where three-days in the state of ohio. in toledo trump bashed the media and argued nearly every story about him or his campaign is negative. he continued to talk about the faxes. he will lose more in jobs. they should go ahead and cancel the election all together. >> what a difference it is. i am thinking to myself we should just cancel the election and just give it to trump, right? what do we even have it for? what are we having it for? her policies are so bad. boy do we have a big difference. >> in north carolina hillary
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clinton drew one of the biggest crowds of her entire campaign all thanks to michelle obama who joined clinton on the campaign trail for the first time in the election. mrs. obama is one of the most democrat in the country. they hope it will help her with millennials and african american voters. she called her friend and someone she trusts to run the country. >> one candidate has a vision that is grounded in hopelessness and despair, a vision of a country that is weak and divided. then there's hillary's vision for this country that you just heard. a vision of a nation that is powerful and vibrant and strong, big enough to have a place for all of us. >> as you mentioned, today president obama hits the campaign trail for clinton as well at an early vote event in
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orlando, florida. he has a busy schedule campaigning for clinton over the next week. >> busy 11 days now to go. working on the swing states. >> a live look and a hajj change of heart. south carolina governor nikki haley says she is now voting for donald trump. it is based on policy not personality. >> the best person based on the policies and dealing with things like obamacare still is donald trump. that doesn't mean it is an easy vote. >> you remember trump criticized haley earlier this year after she endorsed senator marco rubio for the nomination. she later endorsed the presidential nominee. more corruption in hillary clinton state department a relative of top aid john bow dest toe earns six figures as a
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lobbyist. according to state records podesta's sister-in-law whose name is heather brought in money with countries like qatar. this after she is looking at podesta and joe biden as secretary of state if she is elected. 100 criminals will be back on the street. he president obama is commuting the sentence 42 people for drugs and weapons charges. he shortened sentences for more inmates than the last 11 presidents combined. >> leaders of the oregon standoff are cleared on all charges. ryan bundy along with fave others acquitted in the 41 day standoff that ended in a deadly shoot out with police. it all began when the heavily armed protestors stormed the
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wildlife refuge in january after a landis put with the federal government. the man caught on camera smashing donald trump's star on the hollywood walk of fame with arrest. james otis owns the otis elevator company now released on $20 million bail. the billionaire activist faces three years in prison if convicted. repairs on the star to cost $30,000. speaking of hollywood for a moment. becoming the punch line of his observe joke. >> will you raise taxes for social security and medicare? >> yes, only on the very wealthy. my contributions will go up assuming he doesn't get out of them. >> the actor in the midst of art
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gallery owner. he used a loop whole to avoid paying 15 million on estate tax on what he claims is a fake. >> there's a twitter war going on with baldwin. >> early taste of winter. we told you this was going to happen as snow blankets areas including an inch in springfield, massachusetts. >> hard to believe the temperatures are in the 80's just last week. unbelievable. adam is here with the forecast. snow already. >> you warned us yesterday. >> we saw this coming. >> that system is moving across the northeast. even this morning it is moving out on a couple of cases. i still think portions of maine at this hour getting a little bit of snowfall. this system will move off the coast and we will be clearing off the next couple of days. here's the satellite and radar across the country. we are still talking about very
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heavy ran along the west coast. i am going to continue to expect that to be happening. in the middle of the country all clear and we are warming up in a big way. take a look at some of these numbers 67 degrees as far north as rapid city. that warm air will continue to funnel through the center of the country. here's the next couple days 80's topping off taking you into saturday staying in the middle 80's. it is really a mild end to the end of october here. >> except for the folks who got all of the snow. >> exactly. 10 minutes after the hour. a daring rescue that was caught on camera when an apartment building explodes into flames. the nail biting video you have got to see. >> and an astounding member of independents now supporting donald trump. are they the ones to help. >> are you heading to the bar instead of the ballpark because world series tickets are sky high. you better come up with a new
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plan. we are going to explain.
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>> welcome back to "fox & friends first." fox news polls showing immigration one of the top ten concerns this election. the two presidential nominees couldn't be further apart on that issue. casey seigel showing issues that matter for texas on issues that remain front and center. >> they are bringing drugs and crime. their rapist. >> i am in favor of immigration reform. >> we have bad ones here we want to get them out. >> i don't want to rip families apart. i don't want to be sending parents away from children. >> how to tackle the issue of
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immigration. for frank schuster this is not about rhetoric. it is personal. >> is one a drug dealer go in the cemetery every week? >> he is a vegetable farmer. his sprawling land butts up against the rio grand river. in this part of texas water is all that separates mexico from the united states. >> the border is a porous border. people coming across thousands every month. >> he says he is torn while security is paramount, they also need a robust work force. >> our labor is getting tighter and tighter every spring. we lose crops. >> under part of his immigration plan donald trump calls for immediately deporting the estimated 11 million illegal immigrants already calling the u.s. home. he has since says he will focus on kicking out drug lords and criminals first.
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after building his wall make a determination on the rest. while trump's strategy of keeping people out, the cornerstone of secretary hillary clinton's immigration policy has been comprehensive reform including securing the border. she vows to create a pathway to citizenship within her first 100 days of office. >> marco came to america at age 17. he attended high school and college in texas. an option that wouldn't have been on the table in trump's plan. secretary clinton co-sponsored legislation to help protect people like marco. >> we want to stay with our families and succeed in the american dream. >> there is one if as sfacet bo candidates agree on extreme vetting and criminal background checks for not only the immigrants coming in but refugees as well. >> we have to get control of the people coming across that we
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know who is here. >> casey seigel, fox news. 11 days left until the election. a brand new fox news poll showing donald trump leading over hillary clinton with independent voters 41 to 28 percent. so is this a game changer that donald trump is looking for? someone knows a thing or two about the independent vote. >> something that has stayed pretty consistent through out the election is donald trump doing better than hillary clinton amongst independent voters. could this be the game changer? >> two elements to independent voters. some don't want to be bothered with fund raisers. they act like typical republicans and democrats.
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>> i don't blame them. a oo the other half of them independents who want to vote based on a candidate and typically do not like the establishment of government. those are going to be natural allies to donald trump. if he can close the sale. they typically break very late in the campaign. the last few days in the campaign dae side who they vote for. some may be inclined to vote for gary johnson or jill stein, but the election draws near and they say the decision is going to come down between hillary clinton and donald trump in spite of the third party candidate they will join in the decision making for who will be the next president of the country. >> gallop asked which party people affiliated with. 22 percent republican 42 democrats 48 percent say independents. is that more than we have seen before? >> there are more registered independents. probably slightly more inen p
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dent acting voters who will choose the person based on the person as opposed to the party. some will continue to act like they were party members. this year when we saw bernie sanders and donald trump come on the national scene it excited a lot of antiestablishment voters. donald trump will be the beneficiary of the late breaking i be pendant voters. >> the poll showing donald trump at 41 percent and hillary clinton at 28. that's a four-way match up when it comes to independent voter. will they come out to vote in the number they need? >> typically independent voters will get out and vote. their candidate didn't get through the primary or their issue hasn't become the national forefront. independent voters want to see a better america. they want to choose the president as opposed to the party to get us to that place. >> there are a lot of
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independents that donald trump needs in the important swing states. thank you for being with us this morning. >> still to come the time 19 minutes after the top of the hour. donald trump saying it time and time again. >> the evidence the system is rigged is that hillary clinton despite her many crimes was even allowed to run for president. >> now there is brand new fear as glitches plague several states. >> they are a tad spooky. the apps you need for halloween.
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>> forget the election. halloween is just days away. parents looking to keep tabs on their kids in a sea of ghosts and goblins are going for their smart phone. >> brett larson from channel 115 is here with the app that we will want to download before our child goes trick or treating. >> you want halloween to be safe so you can steal their candy when they go to bed. halloween is on monday. before you send your cap dan america seeker through the door arm your kids with the app that keeps them safe. you can watch their movement on we'll wean night. you can set up a route that makes sure they don't deviate. after halloween you can keep an eye on your loved ones. >> this is an app we hope you don't need.
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the fbi child id app. you can keep it with pictures and vital information in case one wanders off. it can save your time when you need to contact authorities. you are a few steps from finding your child. >> there are a handful that will keep you connected to the food and drug administration to make sure you get notified of any product recalls or let you do a quick check of the mountain of candy that comes in halloween night. i will look the other way whif u want to tell your kids this candy bar has been recalled. you will be the down fall when you make treats like this. jack-o-lantern crackers monster mash mix. even sandwich fungers as opposed to finger sandwiches. there are recipes for all of
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these. >> that's creative. >> i like the finger sandwiches. >> super helpful. how do we pur vooif without those? >> we had to walk around and do things ourselves. >> all right, thank you. >> the time is 26 after the hour. they are hoping to be granted amnesty if hillary clinton is elected. >> it is not just a problem for people at home but our brothers on the battlefield.
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>> it is friday october 28th. a plane skids right off of a rain skid runway with mike pence
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on the plane. >> donald trump takes on the rigged peed yaw he claims is on a quest to take him down. >> i think 93 percent of the things they write are negative even if it is a positive story. >> the first family star power to displace voters. >> i heard a lot of things about donald trump, building a wall, keeping immigrants out. >> what have you heard about hillary clinton? >> she hasn't been that great. >> it is friday. we are happy about that.
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we are so happy you are joining us on your friday beginning your weekend. you are watching "fox & friends first." i am abby huntsman. >> i am heather childers. >> a plane carrying vice presidential nominee mike pence skid right off of a rain soaked runway. >> that is the grass. looks like we took out a nice chunk of runway. >> this is exclusive video showing the torn up tarmac minutes after this accident. >> how pence is doing and everybody else on board. >> governor mike pence's campaign airplane sid skidding off the runway tearing up concrete and grass in new york ch this was the scene hours ago. the front end of the plane coming feet from a busy highway as it slid off the tarmac.
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a concrete barrier called an arrested beaked breaking up and stopping the volume 737. the plane ended at the end of the runway. destroyed 10 arrester bed rocks. is in the grass off the runway. there were no injuries. >> dan gallo was on board shooting this exclusive video inside. governor pence stayed calm checking on everyone on board. >> after two minutes governor pence came back and checked on all of the reporters in the back of the plane. he said he saw mud on the front window of the plane. that's the first point i realized we are in president grass not the runway. >> emergency crews are you rushing to the scene to evacuate passengers including pence's wife and daughter. hours before he was playing
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football near a tarmac in iowa as bad weather delayed his flat. shortly after the incident the nominee tweeting so thankful everyone on the plane is safe grateful for the first responders and the concern and prayers of so many. back on the trail tomorrow. the ntsb is sending investigators to determine the cause of the accident. abby and heather. >> thank you very much. so glad everyone is okay. >> crisscrossing key battle ground states saying the election should be canceled and given to trump. >> garrett tenney is live for us following the candidates. >> good morning to you. used to seeing tens of thousands of people at trump's rallies. her rally yesterday in north carolina stand out. it was one of the biggest crowds this election. some 11,000 people showed up
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thanks in large part to the presence of the first lady michelle obama. she is one of the most popular democrats in the country. has become a surrogate for clinton with the ability to connect to voters on a personal level. something clinton has struggled with. the first lady called her a friend and praised her for her vision for the country. >> one candidate has a vision grounded in hopelessness and despair. a vision for a country had a is weak and divided. then there's hillary's vision for this country that you just heard. a vision of a nation that is powerful and vibe brapt and strong big enough fof -- to have a place for all of us. >> they will have the alleged corruption within her state department and the clinton
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foundation. >> just today we heard about funneling ten's of billions to bill clinton inc. through the foundation donations, paid speeches and consulting contracts. they called the arrangement unorthod unorthodox. the rest of us call it out right corrupt. >> at one point during the rally he said they should cancel the election and give it to him. trump will crisscross the country for campaign events in maine, new hampshire and iowa. swing states he will pick up on november 8th. will get more firepower at an early vote event in orlando. >> cancel the election we have made it this far. it has been ten years.
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11 days left. thousands of illegal immigrants are pouring into the country hoping they will be able to stay if hillary clinton wins the white house. thank you once again for joining us this morning. this is turning into a real problem. >> of course elections have consequences and policies matter. they are telling officials they feel a wall will pop up they won't be able to cross. you have 11 days until the election a couple months before the inauguration. if it is a donald trump presidency you better get in now. >> she wants this open border policy. she is pro-am nest see. the immigration plan she is planning to produce will be fory one here. get in while the getting a good now just in case and because if it is donald trump the gravy train will stop. >> this is reported by some of the border patrol agents.
2:37 am
up to 1,000 a day. >> up to a thousand a day crossing the borders. strugglings picking up their pace. why wouldn't you if you are smuggling, if you are an illegal. now the policies are wide open. maybe hillary wins they remain open. if trump wins there's a chance. >> in man nae states people can get driver's licenses. in my state you don't neened to show an id. when you talk about voting and the election if we rush illegals in get them in the right line they could be voting in the right states. we know who they are voting for. >> you mentioned the wikileaks with one released it was john podesta who said if they can get a driver's license which is 12 states and the district of columbia they can vote. >> or in states where they don't even need a driver's license they can vote. these have consequences beyond
2:38 am
are there illegals here are there illegals and how could they impact our election cycle. republican or democrat we are having elections. citizens decide our leadership. we lost the sense of citizenship what it means to invest in your country as opposed to being a human being so you can vote no matter what. >> even those people who have assisted in fighting for our citizenship and fighting for our rights here in this country they have issues getting in when you compare it. >> sure shs absolutely. my interpreter, guys i worked with in iraq i fought with against al qaeda, i am in e-mail correspondence right now trying to get them into the united states. they are still not here. it's a multi year process. certified as an army officer they did this and they did that. i can't get them in. illegals can come in the refugee process is happening. >> trying to do it the right
2:39 am
way. >> pete thank you so much for joining us. i just received this yesterday in my office. i am so humbled to have received it. it is a flag that was actually flown on a mission in afghanistan, and the crew sent it to me. it was on board a red handed 59 during a combat mission in afghanistan. you may be familiar with that. operation resolute support. so thank you so much. i really appreciate it. a oo you know why that got sent to you? because you are so pro truth, pro military. >> they said they were able to watch "fox & friends first" and they had a little bit of home with them. >> afn the military channel fox is on all of the time. >> fox is the best. thank you. >> i love that, heather. that's great. 40 minutes after the hour. the boyfriend of a missing college student in texas now named the prime suspect in her disappearance. the brand new clues that could be the key to finding her. fears of voter fraud growing by
2:40 am
the day as glitches played early voting. cheryl casone with an in-depth look. that's next. i use metamucil because no one can beat it for regularity. and it's the #1 brand. it's also my... secret weapon. because metamucil gives you more health benefits than the competition. no wonder it's the #1 doctor recommended fiber brand.
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charlie?! you can leave worry behind when liberty stands with you. liberty stands with you™ liberty mutual insurance >> the urgent search for this missing college student it is turning to her boyfriend. she was last seen more than two weeks ago after a date with on-again-off-again robert fagan. you see him there. they are using drones and helicopters searching along the border. fabbian's sister mother and friend are also persons of interest and fabian is not cooperating. >> explosions ringing out. they were rescuing a goat that was trapped inside. >> engine 58.
2:44 am
>> heroic rescue caught on camera as a firefighter repels down the burning building with an 81-year-old man in his arms. the two making it to safety seconds before flames snapped the rope. one person was killed and dozens of others were hurt. >> fears of voter fraud. we were just talking a little bit about that. a stark reality as early voting gets underway. >> carol casone with poll problems across several states already, cheryl? >> 11 days to go until decision day presidential candidate donald trump continues to raise the red flag about potential voter fraud 2016 election by pointing to the great state of texas. in a tweet he said this. a lot of call ins about vote slipping at the voting booth in texas. people aren't happy, blines. what is going on? >> secretary of state said in a facebook case there was no
2:45 am
evidence of vote flipping. it was a technical glitch sometimes found on older machines. there were rumors but no facts. county officials, chambers county southern texas said they have switched to emergency paper ballots after technical glitches were discovered during early voting. when the voter selected straight party vote not all races were checked. they are working on a software update to fix that problem. in georgia one machine malfunctioned while a voert was trying to submit their early choice for hillary clinton. but instead donald trump's name kept showing up. officials are confident in that state which are touch screen. spokesman for secretary of state the machine that voter was using wasn't tested properly. he is still confident machines aren't flipping votes in georgia. >> we are learning a i lot about
2:46 am
early voting. >> as the cubs get ready to play their fist home world series game tonight in 71 years it's not just the ticket prices going ska my. a oo to grab a drink bars charging $100 cover in some cases. >> that includes the famed cubby bear lounge. other neighborhood wars are charging upwards of $250 for watch party packages. >> fun places. >> so historic. >> we want to check in with steve doocy to see what's coming up on "fox & friends" a plane that went off the runway last night. >> so glad mike pence is okay. >> we have to ask him about what happened. apparently there are tore sr-- stories this particular plane mr. pence has been traveling on over the last wocouple weeks mas a lot of hard landings.
2:47 am
why would that be? what exactly was going on on the runway that was able to help them from going into the highway or into the water? we have a lot of questions we hope mike pence has the answers. if you have questions you can e-mail us or go to facebook as well. >> at laguardia it is highway or water. >> glad he's all right. we look forward to that. >> all right ladies. have a great weekend. >> don't go away. we will be right back.
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>> >> is erk ma some sort of a banana republic?
2:51 am
>> i think we are more of a t.j. maxx the day after black friday. that's where we are at right now? >> that's fun any any and true. >> what do kids today really think about this unprecedented presidential elections? leaf it to jesse waters. go find out. >> what do you think about the debate? >> what do you know about hillary clinton? >> i think donald trump if is she is flawed. >> what did you thehear about hillary clinton? >> i just don't like her because the way she acts. she is talking too much and she is boring. >> what have you heard about donald trump? >> i've heard a lot of things about donald trump. especially with building a wall, keeping i am granlmmigrants out.
2:52 am
>> illegal immigrants. what do you think the most important issue is facing the country? >> everything is -- everything would be cheap. >> i'd vote for that. >> equal rights, feminism. that's very important nowadays. >> are you saying this to get girls? >> what have your parents told you about the election? >> told me to not be one-sided about the candidates. >> cute. >> if you guys could vote who are would you vote for? >> if you could write in bernie sanders? >> yep, bernie sanders. >> you'd get a vote and you get a vote. >> who would you vote for? >> trump. >> he's the only man around here we can trust. >> watters world. >> life isn't always fair. ah. they express my feelings exactly. >> they always tell the truth,
2:53 am
kids. that was impressive. >> they were impressive than the adults. it's about ten minutes before the top of the hour. your halloween costume may require a poncho. i used to hate that when i was a kid. >> do you recognize this tiny little dancer? we're showing our best little costumes. who is that? >> can't tell. mr. clean gets tough on dirt and grime and grease in just a minute mr. clean will clean your whole house and every room that's in it floors, doors, walls, halls
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but i keep it growing by making every dollar count. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. with it, i earn unlimited 2% cash back on
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all of my purchasing. and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business... which adds fuel to my bottom line. what's in your wallet? this year's most popular halloween accessory. kids do not blame me. it may be a poncho. >> the weather may be a treat this some places. adam klotz is here with the forecast. >> just a couple of trouble areas heading into the weekend. it is going to continue to track in towards eventually your halloween. here's the weekend forecast numbers. most of the country in the middle 80s. all the warm air will pool up into the southeast and slowly make its way to the northeast.
2:58 am
there's plenty of comfortable temperatures heading closer and closer to that halloween forecast. as far as rain goes, maybe a little bit in the northeast. continuing to see showers along the west coast. throughout the middle of the country, mostly clear conditions. let's take a quick look at your halloween forecast. 86 degrees in atlanta. my stomping grounds. we're looking at dry conditions along the east coast. rain along the northern edge of the country. showers a lock the west coast as well. we're talking about the end of october. she is are comfortable numbers. as people get ready for the halloween costumes, i'm not too kefrnd about bundling up as much as some places. >> i want to go to atlanta. >> abnormally hot. >> my sis tefr and her kids in costumes today. speaking of costumes, we have a couple of folks. look at this first one. look at this halloween pick. see if you can guess who this tiny dancer is. >> that would be 7-year-old --
2:59 am
always had to have a homemade costume. thanks a lot, mom. >> i was gypsy, cheap chorus girl. we had different names for it. >> adorable. >> recognize this next one, who is this? >> aerial from the little mermaid. >> that was my dad. >> dorothy from the wizard of oz. >> everyone has been dorothy at one point in their lives. dorothy with my little toto. still a dog lover. >> i didn't have access to mine as a kid. my favorite was mini mouse. >> there's heather as a brunette. >> you look beautiful as a brunette, heather. >> maybe one day here, i don't know. >> as a pirate too. giving the news. >> up next, adam, you're next. >> i don't know. am i up next? >> no. that's me. >> tuesday night at my house. >> a for alcohol?
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>> i had the same costume you had but the guy version. this is just the costume you had when your parents were -- >> the homemade version? >> the homemade version. here's what we have. >> halloween pictures as well. "fox and friends" starts right now. bye. good friday morning to you and your family. it's october 28th. i'm ainsley earhardt. a major scare for governor mike pence overnight as the plane he was on skids right off of the ra rain-soaked runway. passengers were panicked and calling it the scariest landing of their lives. this morning, governor pence will join us live. >> great. also today, donald trump hits the battleground states with a new ibf for the election. >> we should cancel the election and give it to


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